Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pocky and Toys

Pocky! v. volcan armyI don't know why I like Pocky so much. It's just edible chocolate on a stick with maybe a few other sketchy ingredients, but I used to continuously eat it to the point of getting sick. I don't buy it often anymore since after high school, but there's a part of me that wants to buy a box to eat every time I see it on sale at a store. It could be addiction Hm... I hope not. It leaves my wallet lighter than it usually is whenever I buy them.

What's odd about Pocky is that it comes in all sorts of flavours, sizes, and are made from various places like Thailand, Japan, and Malaysia. I remember there being only chocolate, strawberry, and milk Pocky made in Japan from when I was a kid. I've tried a few of the new flavours and the ones from places other than Japan, but I didn't like them. I'm too used to the usual taste of the Japanese one.

Gloomy bear

In all my life there have been many toys I've wanted to own. Most of the time the reason to why I wanted a toy is so bad that I'm very ashamed of myself when I think about it: because it's in fashion. Thanks to my peers I wasted over $500 canadian to this day. There are also toys that I find so cute that I feel like I have to buy it so that I could see it everyday in life at home. It's a trap the marketers and designers are good at, so it's hard to avoid coming into contact with something you'll find cute. Then there are the toys that don't exist but you hope they do. Some people custom make toys and sell them at a price where you know it's expensive but you buy it anyways. I've never tried to find a custom made toy, but I have tried to make the toys I wished existed. Such things like Moyashimon figurines. They might exist in Japan, I don't know, but I tried to make one out of a clay-like substance. Now I don't know what to do with it. It's just there on my desk for me to see and for it to catch dust like every other toy I own.



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