Thursday, April 29, 2010

Someday in the Rain

I was looking through old photographs when I found images from a rainy day. I remember I was rushing to catch a bus when I saw a bird looking like it was waiting for the rain to stop. It kept still while I was taking a picture of it, but it seemed scared.

It's a pigeon, right? Right? I want to know.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

There goes my wisdom 2

I'm getting a little tired of having congee, soup, and jello for all my meals. @_@ I ate a few slices of cheese, but it made my swollen face feel weirder.

The right side of my face is swollen even more than yesterday and I cannot seem to open my mouth wide enough to eat a whole spoon full of food. I can feel some sort of thread against my cheek inside my mouth too. It's a bit disturbing yet cool.

I wonder how long it will be until I can happily eat strawberry and chocolate cake again.

Summer school begins next Monday. Hopefully, I have enough time between classes to get to the classes. I look forward to learning about plant ecology and conservation ecology!


Subject: Tokidoki
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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I was walking around Fairview Mall with my friend Oie Lin and we spotted Tokidoki beauty products in Sephora. I was captivated by the bold colours and the graphic images. I checked out its website at and there are so many products to Tokidoki. I thought the brand was only about beauty products and bags, but I was wrong. They have shoes, pillow cases, and even clothing!

Although Tokidoki seems to be a japanese brand, its designer is actually an Italian artist who goes by the name of Simone Legno and business partners Pooneh Mohajer and Ivan Arnold.

Hm.. I'm thinking of buying Tokidoki nail files. :P

There goes my wisdom 1

I had surgery yesterday to remove a widsom tooth and a molar tooth on the right side of my mouth. My face was numb yesterday and I was expecting to feel pain today, but it doesn't hurt unless I poke my cheek. My face has swelled up a lot though, and it's still swelling up! Applying ice doesn't seem to do much for my swelling.

I'll be taking another two wisdom teeth out sometime later this year. Hopefully the pain is no different than what I feel now. The antibiotics make me feel really sleepy though. I can only easily eat jello, congee, and drink soup: three of my favourite meals.

Friday, April 23, 2010

MSN Messenger

What I like about my version of msn messenger is being able to have a display picture and drawing with friends online while chatting. I especially like what my friends draw. I've saved two images from one friend who I like to refer to as Third.

Third and I were drawing Sesame Street characters. I drew a funny looking blobby bird while she drew a handsome looking Bert. I couldn't get over the fact that it impresses me no matter how long I stared at it, so I saved it.

She later drew a picture of Avatar: the Last Air Bender characters, and it was adorable!
I kept it so that I cought stare at its glory whenever I feel like it.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Neon Art II

This is a post displaying my failure as a neon art enthusiast. I had trouble with my first work, because I didn't know what colours to use. I drew the line art, scanned, it, then used photoshop cs3 to see what I can do with it. The following are the different versions that came to be:

les jours days

There is a third version that is drawn with pantone markers, but my scanner wouldn't scan the proper colours. I don't know how to set it to make it look exactly as it is, so I didn't bother to upload it. The second version (on your right) have two random purple spots in it. I didn't notice my mistake until after I saved a png file. I didn't save a psd file of it, so I cannot easily fix it quickly. I decided to leave the spots alone because I sort of like them where they are.

The third image in this post was also drawn using markers. I don't know if pantone markers are meant to be used to colour illustrations like these, but I'll do it anyway. Heh. :D

Now, I will be off to improve my so called neon art skills. Later!

Kera Magazine

Two Sundays ago, I went to the salon where I usually get my hair cut. The manager lady handed me a japanese punk and lolita fashion magazine to look through while I wait for my hair dresser to finish business with his other customers. I was astonished by the outfits and accessories displayed in the magazine and I couldn't stop staring at the ggorgeous clothing. I would to replicate many of the outfits in the magazine if I could find the resources to do that. I mean, wow.

The magazine is called Kera. I checked out its official website, but online website translators like babel fish can only do so much. There was a website that gave a description on the magazine at Virtual Japan which was in English and helped me learn a bit about the magazine. I checked out a few asian stores that sell asian magazines, but they didnt have Kera. Thankfully, there is the Internet: I found a Livejournal group called Japanese Magazine Scans. They have scans of a few Kera issues and being able to browse through them makes me feel a fleeting happiness.

-edit- February 18, 2013
Found a website that sells ans ships Kera magazines to Canada: YesAsia.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Neon Art

I have this new found love for neon coloured art (preferably in a punk-like style). How did this happen? Where did it come from?

Well, I don't care. I like what I like, and now I like neon-punk-like art. That's another style to add to my favourites list.

I wanted to make neon art of my own, but I didn't use the proper file type or a good style. I failed with the current ones, but I'm going to work on making an inspirational few in the next 3 days. Hopefully my excitement for neon art will die down and I can work on a few more pages of Hetar.

I haven't been working on my comic Hetar until this month. I have neglected it in February and March! I'm such a bum. While working on Hetar, I will be working on 'Don't Speak to Mice.' I'm looking forward to rush through it before the start of May. Yay!

Two digital neon art:
le soleil raging rabbits

Friday, April 9, 2010

What do you do when...

... you need money? One thing that works in a short amount of time: sell your possessions. Mm hm.

Personally, I don't like to sell my things to friends and family. I'd rather give them things for free. With today's technology, people can sell personal belongings online or post ads on websites like craigslist and kijiji. I like how people can arrange meetings with other locals to exchange goods, but I believe it would be majorly awkward if you end up meeting someone you know (especially if they're your ex or someone you dislike). Not that that has happened to me. :)
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