Sunday, April 26, 2009


... are hard to manage. I wanted to make an e-fanzine because I thought it would be cool, so I made a schedule for it. That was when I realized it would take up a lot of the time I needed for school and living necessities, making me having no life but the life of a blogger. I have a feeling I'm a person that's uncapable of making a living out of a blog or a website, so I gave up. I'll just make random updates to pleasacure and not call it an e-fanzine.

Now I'm thinking: "hm... maybe I could make a fanzine in real life instead? Maybe print several copies of it to share with the people who collaborated in its making?" It seems like a pretty good idea when you really want to make one, but I'm not sure about how to do that. Am I suppose to get a group of people to draw, then scan those pictures, print them out with high quality ink and or paper, then get it bound as a book at some print and copy center? That would take more than 3 months with the schedule that most of the people I know have. Mm... I suppose it's worth it as long as the product's nicely done. Alright! I'll try it out... starting in June.

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