Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hong Kong Comic and Game Festival 2005

(I'm going to be adding comments in brackets in my old posts from my old blog about my time in conventions.)

The line was a lot greater than the one at Anime North 2005, and there were a lot more people. Actually, there was (were) so many people that by (the) afternoon, it was so crowded that you can't (wouldn't be able to) really move. (It was crazy.) Since it was an anime and game show, some chinese online games like fairyland (I think it was initially from another country.) had set up booths to advertise for their games. There were (was) also a market place where the prices were somewhat cheap while the product was (were) fantastic! Too bad that there weren't any english doushinji to buy. (Yeah. Sorry kid, you're in Hong Kong.) They were all mostly Chinese or Japanese mangas, magazines, and books. One of the booths were about signing up for a Japanese sword class [?] I think that is what it's called. There were cosplayers that looked extremely (=_=' Stop with the extremely bad grammer, please.) like the characters from the show that they're dressing from. There were mostly Gundam Seed or Gundam Seed Destiny cosplayers. A girl who was selling Chobits dolls was dressed as Chi. She really looked like her! I was amazed too much. (Her cuteness factor was over the roof!) If only she had the hair though. (She still looked hot.)

Conclusion: asian conventions have perfectionist cosplayers and are crowded to the point where you wouldn't be able to move much in the afternoon. This was the year when Amplified played at the convention. I didn't see them play. D:

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