Sunday, April 26, 2009

Anime North 2008

(I'm going to be adding comments in brackets in my old posts from my old blog about my time in conventions.)

The line-up to get into the building was really long. I think my friends and I stood there for about 2 hours at the least. Our legs were cramping, but once we got in it's like someone fed us some unknown energy oxygen. (I meant energy drink.) The line-up for at-the-door registration to Anime North was shorter in 2005. Pre-registering is recommended: last year we stood in line for only 20 minutes.

Stalking the mushroom-like heartless. She's the same Bleach cosplayer from Anime North 2007.

Went to look for friends and we found them 30 minutes later. It took so long: partly because there were so many people we had to get pictures of. Later on, we simply walked around taking pictures of random people and cosplayers. I suppose it's what people call "hanging out". There were three people in our group that kept avoiding my camera.

Look at them moes. Standing there being all... moe-ey... =3=

Moes eating their Tim Hortons lunches.

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