Sunday, April 26, 2009

Anime North 2005

(I'm going to be adding comments in brackets in my old posts from my old blog about my time in conventions.)

A friend came along to the convention with me along (What? You realize you used along twice, right?) with my mother and little sister. The line was so long even though it was early! But in the afternoon, there was almost no one in line. So unfair. (No... it's not unfair.) It was very exciting! (... Very?) There were so many people there, that the number of people was even greater than the students at school. (... Wow, I didn't go out much.) I even saw the authors of Pandect and Sassi the butterflylady! (Yay! ...) Though I think I may have weirded them out. (No, really?) Along with the people that I took pictures of. (Yeah, I still do that.) Anime North was so fun that I only had 2 pennies left at the end of the day. (I remember that. My wallet felt so light.)

The first person who came up to me and asked for a picture. (Yes, I was cosplaying.) It was a woman who was dressed as Riku Harada from D.N. Angel! We were wearing the same costumes and I really wanted to take a picture of her too, so I took a picture. (To this day, I regret cosplaying that character.
After walking around and seeing all these other cool costumes, (Wha-what? I don't remember how they look like.) I got sick and tired of being shy to ask for other people's pictures that when I saw a guy dressed as Cloud from Final Fantasy 7, I jumped at him and asked him for a picture. (Yeah! Turn on the super creepy mode!) My friend thought I was weird, but she also wanted to take a picture of the guy's costume. Though he wasn't the only Cloud, and with my friend as a Cloud fan, it was pretty amusing. (It sure was. I remember there was at least 2 Cloud cosplayers in every 5 meter radius everywhere I walked.)

We saw a guy who just walked to a corner and sat down when I yelled, "I'm going to take a picture of you!!" He just sat there while I was trying to get the camera to work. The camera was stuck... on something. (Yup. The guy pretty much didn't care what I was doing as long as it didn't bother him.) My friend told me he's a magician from one of the Final Fantasy series. (Which I still haven't played.) After that, he began drawing out a cat toy. There were many Final Fantasy cosplayers when we were there. (I didn't what was from Final Fantasy because I never knew about it. Actually, I still don't know much about it.)

When waiting for someone near the frontdoor inside, I saw a lady walking in with a totally awesome costume. It was mostly blue and white, and I didn't really recognize the character she was dressed as. I couldn't help but to take a picture of her. (I bet.) My little sister kept on trying to jump into some pictures I try to take. When I took a picture of her though, she got annoyed. Which brings me to confusion. (ORLY?) The lady was in a hurry, so after we took her picture, she left to where ever she needed to go.

There were many ninjas at the convention. Mostly from Naruto, but while we were chasing a giant moogle, we ran into a whole group of ninjas dressed in black and white. They looked so cool!!! (OMG!!!!@#*!) So I yelled at them, "all ninjas stay! I'm taking a picture of you!" (What?) They turned their heads and began using some technique thing. (WHAT?) I quickly took a picture of them and ran for the moogle my friends wanted to see, just in case the ninjas actually do attack. o_o But as we were chasing the moogle, my mom made me take a picture of more people that were outside. (Ah ha ha. Mom was excited to be at the convention too.) The people's costumes looked really realistic! (... Not really.) When we were done, the giant Moogle from Final Fantasy turned to a corner and dissappeared. Then we saw a giant black Kitty with a head shaped as a football! (Oh yeah.~)

We saw a moogle that looked very cute, but too bad it out flew us outside. (What am I talking about? Out flew us? Huh?!)

Conclusion: I had fun at my first North American anime convention. :)

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