Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Holidays and Snow Days

I've been thinking about holidays since last December. Many people in the world today celebrate Christmas by spending time with family and loved ones, giving gifts, receiving gifts, travelling, and maybe taking time off from work. There's Easter coming up this weekend from where I live. I've got dinners planned and possibly graves to visit for the occasion, but every I walk into a store and see holiday/event themed goods I wonder: where do all the products go after the event is over? I'm pretty sure not every decoration or seasonal clothing is sold, and they certainly aren't all sold again the next year. Do products get returned to companies and put into storage or are they simply thrown out? I understand food can be composted (or in some cases burned), but I don't think making new holiday junk is quite sustainable. Plastic eggs? Yeah, they look pretty at times, but what are you going to do with it afterwards if they're not useful, recyclable, or compostable? *looks at the trash bin* Hm.

In other news, it's been snowing in Toronto for the past two days. To many locals in the area, snow is unusual in April. Then again, it was snowing for a few minutes last July or August. It usually rains by this time of the western calendar. There's even a saying that was taught when I was in elementary school here: "April showers, May flowers." Last year it was more of April flowers, May showers. I'm looking forward to this year's weather development.

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