Thursday, February 26, 2009


Ugh. I failed my oral exam, I just know it. I walked in and said that I didn't remember anything, because I didn't. The professor looked worried, and I was worried, and so after a few sentences of asking what I can remember and me blabbing about bull shit, the exam ended. Why couldn't I just go looking for a full-time job at Sears at the local mall or something instead of going to university? Stupid peer pressure. Stupid family honour. Gah.

Another exam tomorrow. Two hours of writing two essays on topics I still don't understand.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Bus Ride

It's been over three months since I last rode the public transit, and I love riding public transit: especially the subway train. The point is: yay, I got to ride the bus today.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's Snowing!

Yes! It was snowing yesterday and is snowing today! The air smells so great when it's snowing.

I've been thinking about how my applications to visual arts colleges and university were declined. I was shocked when they didn't accept me, because I've always been told that visual arts and annoying people were the only things I was good at. It made me think about how easy it is to create an artwork and how anyone could become a great artist if they work at it while knowing what the popular trends are. I was depressed for awhile, but I'm satisfied with the subject I'm studying at the moment: environmental studies.

Environmental studies wasn't what I expected. I thought it would be something along the lines of "save the trees, protect the environment, oh my god I can't believe you didn't recycle that" and shit. It was more than that. It's about politics, human rights, critical thinking, physical science, geography, and more. It's like every subject I've ever studied from pre-school to high school to the things I did during my free time. I mean, you could even link porn, comics, and graffiti to it if you tried. The hours long lectures are always something I look forward to, but the exams, classes, and assignments make me feel on the edge. It's always about grades.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Time to Hit the Other Books

My stomach hasn't been feeling well lately. It's constantly making new noises: enough noises to make a new single with. Maybe it's the awful fast food I'm eating everyday. I don't have much of a choice of avoiding the fast food joints on my school's campus though. It could be the tap water I'm always boiling and drinking.

Since I got used to the basic functions of blogspot and like it very much, I made another one. It's on the sidebar under 'Networks'. The blog is called Pleasacure. Pleasacure is the username I use for Deviant Art and You Tube, and will now be used for an online fanzine; also known as an e-fanzine. I don't know if those things exist, but if they didn't they do now.

I've finished the two assignments, but I wouldn't say I did my best to make them good. I did my best to make them pass: they're no good. I'll have to refine them after exams. After studying for my exams I'll post something on Tegaki E to celebrate.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Squirrels could take over the World 1

At my residence room in school, there's a hole in the window's screen--or mesh as many people call it. I call it "the squirrel hole." There are two windows in the room I share with my roommate. According to my roommate, a squirrel climbed the bricks of the building, nibbled through our fourth-floor window's screen, and entered our room. She woke up screaming when she saw it on her desk, and her scream was enough to make the squirrel run back out of the squirrel hole. Wish I was there to see the squirrel.

The squirrels on our campus only eat through garbage cans. They are often seen popping their heads out of the garbage cans. Does that mean that the squirrel mistook our room as a garbage dump... ? I wouldn't be surprised that the smell coming out of the room is attracting animals from outside. It's the fact that the animals would actually dare to climb to the fourth floor to get the food that surprises me. There's no way to get to the fourth floor from outside other than entering through the main or side doors or climbing the brick walls.

So I've come to a conclusion: squirrels could take over the world if they wanted to. They're smart and I'm pretty sure they could severely hurt someone when they're in a group even though they can't be found all over the world.

My father says otherwise. "Squirrels will become extinct soon. Maybe in ten years."

Monday, February 16, 2009

Rush Hours

I've got 4 assignments to finish by tomorrow and the day after. So far I've got two out of four of them finished. One of the ones I need to finish is due tomorrow at ten in the morning. I'm wondering if I could finish the one due tomorrow by midnight tonight. I hope I'll have enough time this week to review for the 2 exams on Friday.

I'm looking forward to the next weekend. I've got another two exams to study for, but at least it's definite that I get to shower and sleep more.

When I can find the time, I'll be working on a skirt for cosplay. I don't know why I'm into comics and cosplaying so much. Everyday I spend about an hour reading online comics and searching for pictures of people dressed in costumes online.

On another note, the last of my fish have died today. I bought 2 guppies last Saturday at the pet store on the second floor of Market Village. One of them died a few hours after I brought it home. I went back the next day to buy another two and got one for half the price after I told them what happened to the one that died. I left for school Sunday night and came back on Friday night to find that one of the 3 fish died hours after my arrival. The two remaining fish died today. I guess that's what I get for buying $1.99 fish.

Once I'm finished with these assignments, I am going to do a quick entry to Tegaki E. Watch: I'm going to end up spending over an hour on it again.

Blurs of the Tired Eyes

I've met people who only got about 2 hours of sleep daily. They didn't get much sleep because they always had to work for money and for marks in school. I still cannot believe that numbers on papers are what makes my life go on. In the end of the school life, you get a sheet of paper with words on it. Well, bonus if you learned a lot and experienced enough to make something out of your later years.

I'm working for my third sheet of paper with words on it. I'll be sleeping a lot less for it, but hopefully I'll get more than 6 hours of sleep everyday.

I'm hoping to grow my own food and get an average paying job after I get the sheet of paper. I know I could live like the way I want to now: living in the same house as my family, growing vegetables and fruits, and working a full-time job at a local service centre. I don't know why I'm not living the way I want to. Oh well. Staying in school is cool, right?
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