Monday, May 21, 2012

Squirrels could take over the world 8

I took a walk around York University Keele Campus back in April and saw a squirrel sleeping on the side of the tree's trunk. I our my camera to take a picture, but right before I pressed the capture button, it woke up.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Chocolate Rabbits

Back in April around Easter and exams time, a classmate of mine gave me two chocolate rabbits. *-* He said that they reminded him of the Alien Easter Edition video I shared with him.

As he suggested, I bit off the head of one of the chocolate bunnies, got someone else to eat the head of the other rabbit's head, and took a picture of each of them.

Milk chocolate rabbits taste great when hollow. :)

Aliens: The Easter Edition:

If the Easter rabbits were seriously like Aliens, I would be doomed. I know I would freak out if something suddenly popped out of my chest, no matter what that something is.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Saturday at TCAF 2012

TCAF display at the main entrance of the Toronto Reference Library.
I know. I'm great at taking pictures.

This year's Toronto Comics Art Festival was great. (I use "was" because I won't be going to the second day, which is today.) When I entered the building yesterday, I realized I may never get used to the overwhelming feeling of tables, people, and art. The whole event gave me a déjà vu feeling, but it still felt comforting and somewhat new.

TCAF Artwork hanging near the entrance.

I arrived at the library around 10:15 AM and took time to check out a few booths. I recognized some of the people and tables from last year. The building was pretty busy at the time already, and there was a line-up to get into the showroom on the second floor. As expected, areas around the table areas became more crowded in a few hours.

Saturday around 11 AM on the main floor of TCAF 2012

First floor, 1 PM

I didn't go to any of the sub-events like signings and workshops. My goal was to buy books. I made a list and I was determined to find everything listed on it! It didn't happen though... not everything on my list was there, but I was happy with what I had at the end of the day nonetheless. *-*

There were more comics that I wanted to get--they looked interesting inside and out--but they will have to wait until I have the resources to get them. Argh! There are too many good stories to get into! Sometimes I find it hard to resist buying them all.

Some of the stuff I brought home.

For me, the most exciting part of the event was getting a copy of Order of Tales by Evan Dahm and getting him to draw himself again.

I'll be needing a 2013 version.

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