Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mangos in Downtown Toronto


Ariana, Krystal, Livia, Oie Lin, Michael, and I spent today walking around downtown Toronto looking for stores with discount books. Our intentions were to find cheap comic books (mainly manga).

We thought we could get a day pass for our group, but apparently the TTC group passes are only for weekends and holidays. It made us feel sad because it meant that we had to walk between our destinations rather than take public transit. We ended up using two tokens per person for the whole day.

At the end of the day, I got to buy a few books for kids for my cousin and a few comics that I've been meaning to read. I found a Japanese image book of dolls at the Silver Snail and thought that it would be a good gift for a friend that's into those pale dolls with big eyes (they look eerie in my opinion). When I got to Oie Lin's house and checked out the contents of the Japanese book, I found that it was gothic bondage doll book. The damn thing was Japanese and I personally have no experience in reading Japanese! How was I suppose to know it was about bondage?! It was wrapped before I paid for it too. @_@ I'm scared of the book now and I have to keep it because it wouldn't be a good gift at all! I was hoping for a book about doll fashion for all ages, but it was a doll fashion book for sexual-bondage-interested people. XD I guess I brought it on myself. I should have opened (?) the package before buying it (?).

List of books bought at BMV:
Curious George (x2) = $5
Lagoon Engine vol. 6 = $4.51
Eric Carle books (x2) = $11.98
Peter Rabbit (x3) = $11.97

List of book bought at the Labyrinth:
Lagoon Engine vol. 5 = $9.99
Love Com vol. 16 = $9.99

List of books bought at the Silver Snail:
Battle Royale vol. 5 = $3
Japanese doll book = $5
Moyasimon vol. 2 = $3
Trailers = $3
Yeah Kou Phobia = $2
_tax = $2.08

Friday, June 25, 2010

Miyavi Concert in Toronto

My schedule:

June 25th, 2010
8:10 am __Woke up
9:30 am __Walked to ttc stop
11:30 am __Got to Union Station
11:40 pm __Look for Pavan
12:00 pm __Took bus to the concert building (Sound Academy)
12:30 pm __At Sound Academy waiting in line
12:40 pm __Got to meet a few people from the line__research
1:30 pm __Waiting in line
8:xx pm __In Sound Academy
9:08 pm __Concert STARTed!
11:xx pm __Concert ended
11:xx pm __Classified.

June 26th, 2010
12:28 am __Took bus to nearest subway station
1:10 am __Transfered trains
1:40 am __Home

My friend Pavan wanted to get to the concert line-up early so we met in the morning and headed to the Sound Academy. I didn't think that there would be people lined up at Sound Academy the night before the concert, but there were! Many of them had to face the heavy rain on the morning of the concert day. They're so dedicated! (Unlike I.) My friend wanted to get there earlier, but I rejected the idea. I like sleep too much. (._.)

When we got to Sound Academy, we ate samosas! It was my first time eating pre-made samosas and I have to say that they are like fried dumplings but spicy. Pavan told me they're not spicy but the first one tasted spicy to me! When we finished eating I was wondering what I would do for the next 8 hours in line. Pavan and I talked a bit and we got to know our line neighbours and decided that we should get to know everyone in the line! :D The truth is, I didn't take into account the boredom I may feel when lining up: I didn't bring anything to play with. Eight hours is a long time for a line! I've only ever stood for about 5 hours at most in a line!

It was fun talking to people we didn't know. I thought it would be hard to do, but most people are friendly once you get into a nice chat with them. The problem was that I didn't think about what others would think about me talking to them other than them thinking that I'm a creepy and weird person. Pavan left when we jumped to the near beginning of the line to check on our stuff.

There were many different people there! Most of them were between the ages 15 and 26 and many were from places outside of Toronto. I think the furthest a group of people travelled was either from Trois-Rivières, Québec or New York, U.S.A. We spoke of maid cafés, animé, asian dramas, music, Miyavi (of course), post-secondary institutions and of business (Tim Hortons and fashion). When I finished speaking with half of the people in the line, someone was speaking in French about how I was being a naughty person and that I was trying to suck up to someone in the front to get in earlier. (@_@) That was the first time I wished I didn't understand French. I was almost in tears. (T_T) So I moved onto the next group where one girl was sitting in line for her friends. She's an asian from Québec! The fifth one I've met in my life! I wanted to feel like I couldn't stop smiling at her because of her cuteness, but the people from before were still talking about me in French next to the girl and I. I ended the chat immediately when I couldn't take their glares anymore and left to go back to my place in line. I didn't get to know the rest of the people... (+_+) But! I got a business card from someone AND a new facebook friend from chatting. I could have gotten more, but I believed that they should give me their contact rather than me asking them (or else I would seem even more sketchy).

I'm jumping to the concert part now!

When the entered the concert hall (?) it looked just as I dreamt it would: like an expensive elementary school gymnasium. Yup. Pavan introduced me to a few friends she just met and we spent our time at the front of the stage the whole time (right behind the barracades I believe). I brought giant headphones to muffle out the loud screaming and music. Sound Academy workers noticed my headphones and asked if I had a recording device with me though. O_O They scared me! I already gave them my camera and suddenly they were asking about my cellphone and headphones! They let me keep the headphones on but kept an eye on me. I didn't actually look to see if they were watching me, but I knew that they thought I was suspicious. They did hand signs of headphones and pointed in my direction! XD It was funny. They cared for many of the fans in the crowd during the concert by giving water and fishing out people from the crowd. The lights were blindingly bright, but they were awesome! It wasn't too warm in the front, but there's not much space to move around there. :P

Miyavi looked much more divine in person than in pictures. His guitar playing was so beautiful that I didn't mind being crushed by a crowd of people and having a strong wave of arms coming from behind me during the 3 or 4 times he moved right at the end of the stage from where we were. I stood still for most of the concert, watching rather than jumping and stretching my arms out though. The drummer, keyboard man, and Mac guy were so pro, I couldn't help staring at them too.

I compared having the headphones on and being without it during the songs and I have to admit that I believe having the headphones on saved me from hearing damage. I accidentally hit a few people while adjusting the headphones on my head though. >_< I don't think they heard me say sorry.

When I got home, I found a bruise on each of my legs, one sprained knee, and scratches on another knee. I had fun at my first J-rock concert.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


I feel that the hardest thing about keeping friends is trying to avoid drama.

Problems between two close friends could cause you to have to choose between them or have to oppose both of them. The love between friends could also be mistaken as another kind of love. It's hard not to find your time with a close friend that is also your ex-lover to be awkward.

With drama, I often think, whatever, and move on because I want to spend time with friends like I usually do. I tend to avoid drama by avoiding people, but people have ways of bringing drama to me.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Durarara!! Chat

I'm in love with Ikebukuro Dollars chat rooms.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


I always end up breaking a sweat when I pull out weeds for half an hour. I didn't think that pulling out plants from the ground would be almost as tiring as cleaning a bath tub and a shower stall! Of course, bath tubs and shower stalls require more back breaking work depending on its size.

My family bought zuchini plants about a month ago. The plants were growing well indoor and were ready to be planted into the garden 2 weeks later. My younger sister and I planted the zuchini plants into a patch of moist soil, but during the process, we sort of broke a part of each plant (the stem broke or the leaves folded). Heavy rain from these past few days haven't helped their growth either it seems. I've sort of given up on the thought that they'd grow but I also feel hopeful that they'd pull through. They looked like super plants when we bought them and they still look like super plants to me.

I guess I've learned something from this first planting: be gentle with plants unless they're dandelions that won't leave the favoured vegetables alone.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Saturday at Anime North 2010 (part 5): The End

After walking around the building again, M., K. and I decided to go to the line-up. It was about 2 pm and the line is usually much shorter around that time. While heading to the end of the line, we took a few pictures of cosplayers.

(Rawr! Where's princess Peach?)

(All aboard!!)

(Nice bandana. I want to wear one like that too.)

(Cooking Mama! What kind of meal will we make today?)


(Master Roshi hard at work.)

(FF7 cast?)

(Who's that bum and what's up with the police cars?)

(Sand people!)

(It's Davis and Veemon!
Veemon looks younger than his usual self.)

We finally got to the end of the line and it was still long. At least it wasn't as long as it was in the morning. We ended up standing behind three girls who I will dub as the three princess fairies. It took about an hour to finally get to the table inside. While in the line, I took pictures of the bunny rabbit toy my mother found in the streets and brought home at 12 am one night.

(Princess fairies)

(One of few pictures of bunny.)

My sister and I didn't want to pay for tickets, so we left Madeline to explore the main building herself. We went to Milestones for air conditioning and non-fast food. On our way to the restaurant and out, we took pictures.

(O_O Are they from Gaia?)

(A robot!
We followed it for a minute
and gave up the idea that it would fly away.)

Madeline called and we met up with her to take more pictures of people. We walked around for another hour while looking for friends.

(Kick-Ass and... ?)

(Naruto being sneaky behind a bush!)

(Apple people! I have their cousins in my fridge.)

(Pokémon love this guy so much that they stick to him.)

(Cute girls from Eureka7.)

We headed to our last destination: the DDR room. We stayed there until 5 pm and left the convention afterwards. DDR is so hard to play with a mat.

Conclusion: cosplayers stick out of a crowd even when they're in a crowd of cosplayers.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Saturday at Anime North 2010 (part 4)

Madeline, Krystal, and I walked once more around the building. We --most of the time, I-- kept running up to people asking for pictures. It made me feel like a creep.


(I have no idea where they're from,
but I can guess it's from a story about high school girls.)

(General Maes Hughes eating a sub!)

(The lonely DigiDestined.)

(I thought I saw something in the tree.)


(Yes. Cell wears glasses.)

(Dood! What does that mean?)

(What series are these people from?)

(Death Metal City!!!)

(The KING. Has a beautiful face.)


(Insert doom music.)

(I keep asking: where are they from?)


(Clannad, right?)

(*pew pew*)

(One of their wigs fell off because of us...)

(Sweet coat.)

(Ursula! I wasn't expecting her there.)

(That thing on his back looks so pro!!)

(Pretty Sailor Soldiers. Magical girls!)

Highlight of the day: super cool outfits. To be continued in part 5.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Saturday at Anime North 2010 (part 3): To the Line!

Krystal, Madeline, and I decided to check on the registration line to see if it was shorter. On our way to the line, we captured more images of cosplayers.

(I was attracted by the design on the back.)

(Yeah! Rare Sailor Moon character cosplayers!)

(Master Roshi!)


(There were many Zelda characters, but these ones take the ice-cream.)

(I knew where she's from. OBJECTION!)

(A blue gun!)

(*pew pew*)

(Free Dr. Pepper.)

(Pokéball GO!)

(What's going on?)

The line was still long when we got to the end, so we decided to go walk around the building once more to find more cosplayers to take pictures of.
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