Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fan Expo 2008

(I'm going to be adding comments in brackets in my old posts from my old blog about my time in conventions.)

Nose picking!

So we made our first round around the place and found a nicely done wax sculpture. Dharshi suddenly wondered if her pinky could fit in the nose.

There were many wax and plastic statues in display for the horror section of the convention. (All well finished.) Many of them looked like they would start moving at any second. (It was nice and scary.)

Taking pictures of the CN Tower
We went out to get hot dogs to eat. It was so warm outside!

We went back in hoping to find something to do. We ended up sitting at a column and taking turns using the washroom. It was then that I discovered a new convention hobbie: video taping a normal scene at a convention. Some would call it spying or stalking. I call it watching. Later on, we just left.

Dance, people, dance! Traditional under the escalator mirror picture pose

Conclusion: Fan Expo 2008 was the start of me being a creeper and coming up with activities for people to do for research, a.k.a. experimenting.

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