Friday, July 30, 2010


In kindergarten, I was told that breaking promises is wrong.

They should have told me that making promises is wrong.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Dear Left Leg

Dear Left Leg,

I am sorry that you will forever have an ugly grayish blue scar on you because of my tendency to allow people to carry me and for falling on the edge of a rock hard sofa as someone was gracefully letting me down. I hope that you will find the blood flow to forgive me as we are bound for as long as you are attached to me. Let's hope that you still have the strength to carry me like the recently sprained right ankle had.

Sincerely, M.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Away from the City

I recently moved to Prince George to work for the summer. The air here feels much cleaner than the air from Toronto, but it doesn't always smell clean. The sky is also a funny-looking colour once in awhile. It feels like the suburbs, except where rows of houses are suppose to be there are rows of trees. Walking distances are long too.

My fixed daily events look like this
(all times are approxiamate):
10 am__leave house
11 am__work starts
10/11 pm__work ends

I work almost 12 hours everyday: no days off. Am proud to be me. I can't go looking for magical people though. So sad. Well, I've learned to force myself to smile for an hour straight at least. It's not as easy as I thought it would be.

I hope I make enough to replace the window in my room in Markham and to pay my tuition and textbook fees for the next year and a half. Maybe even pay the mortgage for a few months as well. I want manga too... (._.) and ice-cream. ('._.) I guess I'll have save money by starving myself.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


My father recently came back from his trip to Hong Kong. He wanted to visit friends and family for a month. While he was unpacking, he gave my sister and I rabbit dolls that our cousin Lam-Lam made for us. The dolls impressed me! I have to try making one myself one day if I ever find a fabric as soft as the ones she used. The rabbits she made for us reminds me of chocolate because of the colour.

I took pictures of the rabbit she made with the rabbit that my mother gave me about a month ago (the one she found at night in a parking lot and brought home around 12 am). The magnets in the hands of the brown rabbit hold onto the ear of the white rabbit nicely. The white rabbit is currently under surveillance because I suspect it to be a cursed rabbit of some sort or a magical boy/girl in disguise.

Chocolate rabbit nom!

Chocolate and Berries

FonduA few friends and I went over to Oie Lin's house to make chocolate fondue with berries on Monday. We had strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries, but we only used what was red. The chocolate was hot! The only trouble we had with dipping berries into chocolate was to avoid getting burned. We had to wait for the chocolate to harden when we were done though: Lin put one plate in the freezer and another in the fridge. We had three plates of chocolate covered berries in total.

!!I remember having to bike to the nearest No Frills to buy Hershey's chocolate and berries early in the afternoon. It was my first time biking to a grocery store! I should do that more often, but I would have trouble with carrying all the groceries home. The weather was warm too. Oh how I dislike the heat.

We watched a movie called 'Zombieland' while waiting for friends to arrive and for the chocolate to harden. Some parts actually scared me (mainly the washroom scenes.) Note to self: don't use public bathrooms during a zombie apocalypse.

After watching the movie, we were bored. We tried watching a few cooking shows and Animal Cops, but not everyone was into them (mainly me.) *heh* That was when my sister texted about how bored she was with her friends. I asked her if she wanted to hang out with mine. She replied yes, and I went to pick her up (by bike.) :D

Shortly after my sister and I arrived at Lin's house, everyone set up to play mahjong. The rest of the crew arrived and we ordered pizza for dinner. When the pizza arrived, we all sat at the dinner table talking about the past and the future. We ate the strawberry fondue soon after and played mahjong until it was night. After cleaning (not enough of) our mess, everyone bid farewell and left for home. Nights in the summer are nice. I don't like mosquitos though: they bite too often.
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