Sunday, May 25, 2014

Canada Blooms 2014

I volunteered with Canada Blooms back in March this year. The botanical displays were fantastic as always and the people were very nice. I took pictures, but the light on my camera gave up on life. The light burned out a millisecond after taking a picture, so I couldn't use a proper flash. Though clean and sharp looking on the camera's screen, all of the pictures turned out blurry when I checked their quality with a larger monitor. My pictures do not do the flower displays from Canada Blooms 2014 justice, but please bear with them:

I found that many of the displays this year were daring. There were plants hung with frames, fashion garments made from recognizable plants, and a mix of hung flowers with glassware. Many of the displays this year took altitude into account too. There were a few that allowed spectators to walk under, while another notable one was like a high mound for people to walk on.

I wonder what Canada Blooms 2015 will feature.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Missing Anime North 2014

I will not be attending Anime North 2014 due to schedule conflicts and priorities. I will do my best to attend Anime North 2015!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Pikmin Quilt

I finished the Pikmin blanket! There was a quilting kit in my basement from the 90s and I wanted to try to make a quilt. My sister was playing Pikmin at the time too, so I decided to make a Pikmin quilt. I am happy with the results.

The blanket is 32 inches by 40 inches, so it is quite small. Some of the squares are not aligned properly. After resewing them on again in attempts to align them, it wasn't aligned. I guess I didn't measure the fabric properly.

I painted the characters on white fabric using Jacquard's Textile Colors. The paint was ironed on, but I haven't tested its resistance to water, soap, or detergent yet. I hope the blanket can handle my washing it!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Missed TCAF

I missed the Toronto Comics Art Festival this weekend! I chose not to attend, because I currently don't have spare resources to travel downtown. These be rough times, they are. I hope I have the time and resources to attend Anime North this year. If not, I will wait for Anime North 2015.

In other news, I am working on a Pikmin blanket. I recently put together a new duvet cover to replace my tattered one. While cleaning the leftovers of the finished duvet cover, I found an ancient quilting kit. My sister was playing Pikmin at the time so I decided to make a Pikmin quilt. It should be finished by Saturday.
Yellow Pikmin on the blanket!
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