Sunday, April 26, 2009

Anime North 2007

(I'm going to be adding comments in brackets in my old posts from my old blog about my time in conventions.)

Dharshi cosplaying as a character from Bleach.

We (My little sister, mother, Madeline and I) met up with Madeline's friends Allison, Dharshi, and Elaine after arriving to the convention center in the afternoon hoping that the line for pre-registrators wasn't long, and it wasn't. We stood around for awhile before walking closer to the artists' alley and dealer's room.

Some loser cosplaying as a character from Naruto.

Allison and Madeline moved into the picture. ;P

I couldn't see anything through the orange mask. Everything was just... darker by 80%. I knew there were a lot more people cosplaying as naruto characters, because once in a lot of while someone would come up to me and tell me what they were cosplaying as. (Which I thank you if you're one of them.)

Conclusion: you don't get much of the convention's excitement when you're wearing a blindfold of a prop.

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