Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I like newspaper on glass

Number 87 on my to do list: cover an active office's glass window with newspaper.


No worries. I read those papers before putting them up, and recycled them after gently taking them down. Happened some time ago after a class I had in winter 2012. I failed to cover every inch of the window though, since people inside the office were freaking out about the newspaper on the glass and found what I was doing odd.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


I think I just went through a short postcards phase.

While cleaning the basement, I found some thick paper. I decided to make postcards out of them, but I wasn't sure if Canada Post allowed handmade postcards being mailed. I asked the ladies at the nearest Post Office and the answer I received was yes-- they do allow handmade postcards being sent. I finished drawing on a small number of paper cards, added stamps to them, addressed them to friends, and sent them in the mail. I'm not sure if everyone's postcards were successfully sent to their mailboxes.

It was fun. I'll send more postcards again when I feel like it.

Friday, June 8, 2012

How important is water to you?

There's no denying that water is an important resource for the well-being of life forms on our planet Earth, but what baffles me is how I value water. Sure, water is everywhere, but that doesn't mean that all that water there is safe for necessary activities like drinking or bathing. Wouldn't I want clean water for those activities opposed to unusable polluted water? I know I would.

I'm lucky to be able to live in the Greater Toronto Area where fresh water is abundant and the water filtration system is trustworthy and well maintained, but I admit-- I tend to waste water. I'd keep the tap on while I wash the dishes, and take long comfortable showers once in awhile. I'm still working on those bad habits.

Sometimes I wonder if it is because of my being in the GTA where clean water is abundant that I waste water. Another reason could be because I can afford it (though I like to keep the numbers on my bills low). I end up taking for granted the value of water and value other things like getting new clothes and manga in my everyday life. I forget that everything is connected and that every time I throw something into the garbage, it gets dumped somewhere far away where it will mix with other garbage and the water in that area, later coming back to me through the water cycle. Systems in systems connected to systems, you know? It's mind boggling.

Note to self: don't waste water and remember that everything you do has to do with water even if the connection is not visible.

Image from chapter 22 of Otoyomegatari (A Bride's Story), by Kaoru Mori. Chapter 22 was scanlated by Duralumin.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Anime North 2012: Sunday

On Sunday morning, Oie Lin and I set out for Anime North at 7 AM, only to find that the subway didn't open until 8 AM. We were stuck at Sheppard Station until it opened. We could have taken the bus, but we would get lost [somehow]. Us two derps didn't think of checking the subway's Sunday operation time. At least we know when it opens now.

After hopping onto the subway, Oie Lin showed me the pictures of cosplay she took at Anime North the day before (= Saturday). She had a neat picture of a Kakashi (from Naruto) cosplayer in a tree. Once we got to the convention location, I noticed that there were other Naruto cosplayers hovering around the tree. There wasn't a photoshoot happening or anything--it seems they just really like that tree. I named it "The Ninja Tree".

The Ninja Tree
"The Ninja Tree"

At some point of the day, there were group photoshoots everywhere. Next to the Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt was Eyeshield 21, and across from them was the Assassin's Creed group.

Assassin's Creed group

Eyeshield 21 group setting up

I had a bad angle. It was this or getting a picture with photographer arms and heads in the picture.

I looked at the picture a second time and saw this.
I couldn't get a good shot of the Suzuna (?) cosplay.

He caught it!

I saw a beast there hiding behind groups of people.

This is what happens when I try to be funny.

At the end of the event, I hung out with David and Shelley for awhile. Haven't seen them since last year's Anime North.

David and Shelley~ I ship them in the light way.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Anime North 2012: Friday

Anime North this year was held on May 25th to the 27th. I only attended the Friday and Sunday event dates, but nonetheless, here is my share of the Anime North experience.

Let us start with friday.

ze entrance
Zhe entrance to registration

ze party stage
Zhe Atomic Lollipop music stage next to zhe entrance

My friends and I arrived at the Toronto Congress Centre (TCC) around 2:30 PM on Friday. We figured the line wouldn't be very long, but we were wrong. The line up for registration and pre-registered ticket pick-up already covered much of the front parking lot. I forgot how we arrived at 11 AM on Friday the year before and vowed to always arrive early.

I took about two hours for my friends to get their tickets. I had to wait for them outside of the building since I wasn't planning on registering this year. After getting their tickets, we went to grab lunch at Subway's.

When we finished eating, we split into two groups: one went to the 5 PM Digimon panel and the second group loafed around the grass area. In the grass area was a mushroom.


Across the mushroom was Poison Ivy, relaxing in the shade, waiting for Batman or Robin to pass by.

A South Park group made their way onto the grass and right when they spotted Cartman, I asked them for a picture.

Sitting in the shade on the grassy area doing nothing but trying to come up with topics to talk about with Livia gave me the idea of taking stalker images of people walking by. If you find a picture of you in the following pictures and would like me to remove them, leave a comment at the end of this post. :)

Tiger and Bunny walking West.

Eyeshield 21 boys.

I pokémon snapped a Bulbasaur. Fabulous!

My first thought: "reverse KKK? No way." Does anyone know who they're cosplaying?
Looks like they're from Baka no Test. Thanks, Anon.

Ice-cream trucks just waiting to lure people. Soon.

Supernatural's Cas

Kamen rider!

Dragon Kid and Blue Rose from Tiger and Bunny

Happy Wolverine

The back side of two fabulous cosplays.

Pikmin! Not life-sized, but giant!

Last, but not least, a Puella Madoka Magica group.

And now for the Anime North Friday story of... Ricky.

Ricky playing his guitar

Livia and I sat down a grassy area after chatting with our friend Misha. After taking a few photos, she wanted to play cards. She noticed a boy playing his guitar and got me to ask him to play cards with us. Turns out he didn't have a pass and was waiting for his friends who were in the TCC. We hung out with him for a few hours until 7 PM where he left to reunite with his dearly beloveds. Hope we didn't made you feel awkward with those chats about harems, farts, and adoption, Ricky!

Friday felt too short. I would have liked to stay a longer, but a 2 hour ride back home and a good night sleep called.

To be continued in 'Anime North 2012: Sunday'.
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