Thursday, October 29, 2009

The bad mistakes

I have become a delinquent. (I think.)

On the first day of one of my courses I thought the professor said that students didn't need to attend tutorials, because he said that attendance or participation is not graded and tutorials are more like tutoring time. I looked through the course outline, to confirm it.

That was eight weeks ago.

Today, I found out that my fellow classmates have been attending tutorials. I checked the course outline again, and it has "Tutorials: all students must attend tutorials unless there is illness or an emergency." *Slams head to desk*

I haven't been to tutorial classes for 5 weeks (excluding reading week and cancelled classes).

What should I do? Start attending the tutorials of course! (No, duh!) *face-palm* I feel embarrassed, ashamed, and frustrated about my mistake. I really should read things more thoroughly and pay attention to what people are saying.


I went to the tutorial class in the right pace and time, but no one showed up in the first 20 minutes, so I left. Are there tutorials or are there not? I am so confused. I guess this means I'll have to remember how to chat with people.

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