Sunday, October 11, 2009

What I found while cleaning my room 1

What I found while cleaning my room were grade 4 to 8 papers. I made two piles of paper to recycle and tied them up with dried-grass-looking string. The piles were each more than 2 inches high.

Looking at the piles of paper made me think about all the paper wasted over the years just so that this one academically challenged kid may enter into a high school and then a post-secondary institution. Most of the pages in the workbooks (with pre-printed work in them) from all the grades were empty, because the teacher didn't have enough time to get to them. Many of the sheets of paper were also used for research purposes and print out research information from the internet.

I guess there is a plus side to using a laptop: you don't need to use paper anymore to carry information around. What would be inconvenient is if the battery died and there is no way of getting it charged or replacing it. That's what I believe.

... I also found a 1998 Furby.

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