Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lolita Clothing?

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I have to admit: I am not good at displaying clothing. Especially the ones I make. I like laced lolita clothing, but they are too expensive. I tried making some accessories like bows that can clipped anywhere and headgear, but I feel the things I make are tacky compared to lolita clothing in the market. I have no problem buying lace and fabric, because compared to the stores in my area that sell laced clothing, taking a trip to the fabric store is much nicer in my point of view. THe types of laces that the fabric store sells are so beautiful.

I bought a few hair clips and pins so that the accessories can be easily attached to clothing. I have yet to wear the accessories to test if they stay on the clothing and head when worn for long periods of time. I do know that any strong winds that pass by can easily blow off the headgear.

I hope to be able to make dresses when I get the patterns I want.

My Cannon SD1100 surprisingly photographs good details of fabric.

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