Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Feels like screaming but wants to sleep

I didn't get echos from anyone's yelling when I yelled. Guess I wasn't yelling and listening at the right moment.

Turns out a lot of people I've met offline have birthdays concentrated around the fall season. That or the people who have birthdays in the other seasons just don't have a habit of reminding me that their birthdays are coming up every other week.

I understand that birthdays are important because it's the same date on the calendar from when one is born. What I don't understand is why they are special. When I think about my birth date, I've already got plans to attend classes and will probably have plans to work for charming money on later birthdays in life. I don't think my ancestors celebrated birthdays either. I think the only things they had ceremonies for (other than seasonal changes, moon phases, New Year, and the Lunar leap) were birth, the passage to manhood or womanhood, wedding, and death.

On another note, I've got 3 prjects and 3 mid-term examinations due in the next 3 days. I guess three is my lucky number of the week.

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