Monday, November 2, 2009


I went trick-or-treating with my little sister, Madeline, and Dharshi. I checked out a few people on the Internet who are older than I am, and they're going trick-or-treating too. I guess as long as I'm not over 25, it's okay for me to go out door-to-door on Halloween nights. :P It's free lunch snacks, and considering how much the media's trying to freak out residents about the dangers of H1N1 on Halloween and how little kids these days think they're too cool to go trick-or treating, I believe I've got good reasons to go out and get the candy that candy givers prepared.

What bothered me about Halloween though, was that my grandmother was sent to the hospital. She fell, and when the doctors did a check up on her, they found that her kidney's not functioning properly. I still don't know if going out for Halloween instead of visiting her in the hospital was the right thing to do. My mom checked with my uncle (who was at the hospital with grandma) and said that due to H1N1, the hospital won't let more than 2 visitors per patient.

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