Friday, June 10, 2011


I was on YouTube last month watching anime music videos when a Daria video showed up on the recommended videos list. I don't know how Daria is connected to any anime music videos unless they used its theme song, but it was there.

Daria is an animated series that used to air on YTV (if I remember correctly). The series is about a high school girl named Daria who is an outcast in her suburban town and often finds it hard to fit in because of her analytic perspectives on the people around her.

Seeing Daria on YouTube made me want to watch the whole series again. I searched for the DVD set on the website of major DVD distribution companies and found that HMV was selling the complete series of Daria. I bought the box set and watched it. I later learned that the box set also contained both of Daria's movies (bonus!).

I grew up watching a few episodes of Daria, but I never really understood it back in the day. After watching the box set and movies, I caught on the sarcastic remarks that some of the characters used to make.

If you ever have the time and money to spend, I suggest watching the series if you don't mind shows with all talk and no action. My younger sister enjoyed the sarcastic remarks, but she couldn't sit through all the episodes. (It's probably because she has little patience.)

For a more detailed description of Daria the animated series, visit Wikipedia.

Daria DVD

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  1. omg i remember that show even though i was too young to watch it lol it was so stupid and funny


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