Sunday, June 5, 2011

Anime North 2011: Part 2

I went to all 3 days of Anime North this year. I usually just attend one day, but I must admit, you get to experience a little more of the convention if you spend more time at the panels and other organized events. My usual convention buddies weren't available or didn't make contact about going to the event. This year I was with Ariana, Livia, and Oie Lin. (Later joined by Jimmy, Priyanka, and Russian Michael.)

We waited in the pre-registration line Friday afternoon to pick-up our badges. The line went along moderately: we only waited for about half an hour. The weather was really nice too. It wasn't sunny and it looked like it wanted to rain, but nice nonetheless.

The dealer's room and artist alley were closed when we received the badge, so we decided to take pictures of cosplayers until they opened. Most people around the Toronto Congress Center (TCC) seemed busy heading to the line though, so we decided to head to Double Tree Hotel to visit a few friends and take pictures there.

Battle #1!

Usa-chan man (or Lovely Bunny from Oresama Teacher), the ally of justice! Present!

Ally of Usa-chan man!

Mr. Popo!

After visiting our friends, we walked back to TCC to see if the dealer's room was open. We took a few more pictures of cosplayers on our way there. I tried to get people to pose a certain way in a few pictures, but it didn't go well.

Battle #2

Epic background guy and Krillin


When we got to the TCC entrance for Anime North, there was a long--I mean, really long--line to enter the building. We chose to go to the dealer's room later and check out a Digimon panel instead. While waiting for the panel to start, the King of Burgers passed by. *I have to find out where the guy got the mask.*

We didn't know what to expect from a Digimon panel, but hey--it's Digimon. It didn't matter to us what was planned as long as it was enjoyable. It turns out the Digimon panel was a discussion of its many seasons. It was pretty cool.

We visited the dealer's room later and left for home around 10.

To be continued in part 3
*Some pictures taken by Ariana L. Rusu.

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