Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Toronto Music Garden

I have a group of friends I call 'Teahousers'. I gave them that name because we used to hang out at bubble tea cafés every time we met up in the two years after high school graduation. We usually have a get-together every 6 weeks and between those weeks we plan for the next meeting. During our last meeting, we visited the Grindhouse to try out kangaroo burgers. On the same day, we walked to the Toronto Music Garden at Queens Quay. There weren't any functions in the garden that day and it was raining in the morning.

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"Treeline catering" was painted on the walkway along Queens Quay. I searched the words on Google's search engine and the first website on the list was treeline-events.com.

I was surprised to find a fancy birdhouse at Queens Quay near the Music Garden. It was standing in the middle of a fenced area, so I couldn't get a close look at it.

It took us awhile to find the garden because we were distracted by boats. (We were hoping to see one that looks like a pirate ship.) We knew where the garden was a little later because of a sign. The plants in the music garden looked almost too perfect: it was eerie yet beautiful. Most of the pathways were spirals, which was neat. The spiral pathways made plants like the maple trees and low lying flower buds noticeable. What I liked most about the garden were the textures and colours of the plants. There was even fungi!

The welcome sign facing south

After walking around the garden, we walked to Ann Tindal Park and there was a black-crowned night heron. My friends and I didn't know what the bird was called until we asked a passerby that stopped to look at the bird.

For more pictures, visit this album:
Toronto Music Garden

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