Monday, June 6, 2011

Anime North 2011: Part 3


We arrived in the morning and picked up masquerade wrist bands at the Double Tree Hotel. We were going to check out the 4chan panel, but it turned out we were there too early: we learned that we lined up for the Anime North idol auditions. We decided to skip the auditions and the panel for another walk around the dealer's room.

On our way to the TCC building, we took a few pictures of cosplayers. We passed by a few impressive costumes: many that looked difficult to make and to get into. For instance, there were Ah my Goddess girls with a Sakura from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle and a weregarurumon from Digimon. We even saw a Kamen Rider! Or at least I think it was a Kamen Rider...

Does anyone know what they are cosplaying from?

A robocop?

His character looks familiar. I will dub him Captain!


It looks like this person dyed her own patterns on the fabric.

After browsing through the dealer's room and artist alley, we headed to the Sailor Moon and Pokémon photoshoot.

Sailor Moon Photoshoot!

Pokémon Photoshoot!

Her character is from Hellsing, right?

Around noon, my camera ran out of batteries. The battery icon showed that it had full batteries earlier in the day, but I guess it was just tricking me. Maybe it's getting old? Anyway, I took my last picture of the day on our way to get food. The sky looked dull, so I added a few clouds and other things in it.

Two Links, walking off to another adventure.

To be continued and finished in Part 4.
All pictures available in this album:
Anime North 2011

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