Saturday, April 2, 2011

Squirrels could take over the world 6

As my parents are talking about how stupid I am to my other family members in the room next door, I shall share this picture and not do my overdue school work.

Halfway through my Wednesday lecture at school, the fire bell rang. All students had to evacuate the building. I left the building at an exit different from my fellow students and waited for the bell to end. As I was waiting, a very fat squirrel ran up the tree next to me and proceeded to eat what I believe was a cracker. It spend about 15 minutes eating the cracker, then laid down and stared in my direction with its arms under its chin (if squirrels have chins).

It wouldn't stop staring at my direction! I tried not to pay attention to it but it kept... staring. I played solitaire on my iPod for awhile until a friend of mine jumped at me, scaring both the squirrel and I. The squirrel ran away and instead of greeting my friend, I said "you scared it away!"

We had a little chat about school and Pacific Mall afterwards. The fire bell was still ringing while we were chatting.

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