Sunday, April 3, 2011

What I found in my room 2

Remember the onion I mentioned being used as a stink absorber in my room? Well, I woke up one morning and noticed it had something green on it. To my surprise, a plant was growing. It's been exposed to sunlight but I never watered it or put it in soil. I guess onions don't need soil. Maybe the water in the air replaced the need for liquid water? Should I be worried about it growing?

I guess I'll let it continue growing until I feel it needs to be thrown out. It may start growing fungi on it like the onion before it.


  1. Maybe it's an alien species... O3O and if you don't get rid of quick....

  2. You may be onto something. It's right next to my bed too! What if its evolution takes a bite out of my brains? Or use my skin as their own?! >_<"


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