Monday, April 11, 2011

Shop Spot: Sunny Ltd.

Sunny Ltd. is one of the earliest shops in Pacific Mall since its opening. It's amazing how well they do business to this day. I remember they used to sell only Asian gifts and stationery, but now they sell mostly anime related merchandise. Their business card states that they sell gifts and car accessories. I'm guessing that the anime stuff they sell go under gifts.

You can find a lot of amazing anime-related things in their shop. From jewelery to clothing to mousepads, notebooks, keychains, CDs, card decks, stickers, posters, and plush dolls. Lots of plush dolls. Just a heads up: they aren't Kikiwai or Anime Xtreme.

I really need to stop spotlighting Pacific Mall shops. Okay! Next time on Shop Spotlight: some store from downtown Toronto!

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