Monday, April 18, 2011

Wait--You do what?

In a house holding 4 people that like to stay home to watch TV and use the Internet, the various utility bills get pricey at times. To save money on utility bills, I try to use less energy and water with certain activities over the year.

The laundry dryer uses a lot of energy to dry clothing. I only use it about 6 times a year, while each of my family members use it once a week. I hang my laundry to dry along with my bedsheets each season, hoping that I can save at least $2 per year. I encourage my family members to do the same, but they like the soft feeling of clothes after it's been through the dryer.

Why do we need to take a daily shower? It's not like we get that dirty everyday. I know that by taking a shower every morning or night I can reduce the chances of getting sick or grow fungus somewhere on my body. I can also wash away dirt and pollen from my hair. But do I have to shower even though I didn't leave the house or make a mess of myself on certain days? Honestly, I don't take showers when I'm shut in my house for days and don't feel like showering. Of course, I change clothes when I do that.

On days when the sun shines bright, I keep my curtains and blinds open. That way I wouldn't need to turn on the light switch in the house. Sunlight hurts my eyes more than light from lightbulbs though, so I wear sunglasses indoors sometimes. Sunlight also makes me feel tired, so I sleep.

I remember learning from Jughead in Archie's Comics that sleeping is the ultimate way to save energy and money. It's comfortable and you don't need much when you're sleeping.

I think I could save more money if I was working day and night though. I wouldn't be losing money because I would be making it. *kekeke*

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  1. Natural sunlight always puts me in a good mood anyways. I dislike the dingy yellow fluorescent lights.

    lol oh jughead. :)


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