Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Saturday at Anime North 2010 (part 2): Walking under the Sun

Part two of the Saturday at Anime North 2010 series starts now! Note: you can view a larger version of the images in this post by clicking on them.

After line crusading and bothering people at their cars, we decided to walk around the building to capture more cosplayers. I spotted a Professor Layton like-hat and an orange shirt and ran towards them. I only recognized the two characters from the many Professor Layton fan art on Deviant Art. I wonder if a rabbit can fit in the Layton hat...

(Cool hats, people! Cool hats.)

We later passed by a few people who had nice cosplays, but I honestly don't know who they're dressed as and from where:

(... Pokémon?)

(I dub this group 'The Lovely Trio.')

Then I saw costumes that I recognized! I was high on happiness with my camera in hand, asking people for pictures and giving them my big creepy smiles of happiness. I believe Madeline and Krystal were giving off brilliant smiles as well. Many of the cosplays looked pro.

(Team Aqua challenges you to a battle!
*insert Pokémon battle theme song here*)

(Kingdom Hearts characters and a Chocobo! They totally match!
I should have got them together to dance for a minute.)

(.hack// characters! Yup.)

(I'm not familiar with the Final Fantasy story lines,
but I can tell that they're from Final Fantasy from what they wear.)

(It's that dude from Spirited Away!)

(If that was a real suit made of gold,
I would have done something to acquire it. :D)

(More Final Fantasy!
There were a lot of people dressed as the characters from that FF game.)

(Two creatures of the light.
Their brightness nearly gave me a nosebleed.

(Air Gear! AIR GEAR!!$@!)

(Code Geasse! Notice the cool sunglasses and expressions they put on.)

(Avatar: the Last Air Bender characters.
I remember seeing blue alien Avatars somewhere that day too.
If only I got an Avatar vs. Avatar picture. @_@)

(I found a wild pikachu!
Too bad I didn't bring any pokéballs with me. :( )

(... ?!)

(Random cosplay!)

(We asked the carboard bush to be an accessory.)

(Found a pokéball to capture pikachu! :D )

(Usopp and his baby in a carriage. I didn't check if there was actually a baby in there, but he was definetly taking care of something at the time.)


  1. Aww, a lone Pikachu! Looks like there was a bunch of talented cosplayers there. XD


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