Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mangos in Downtown Toronto


Ariana, Krystal, Livia, Oie Lin, Michael, and I spent today walking around downtown Toronto looking for stores with discount books. Our intentions were to find cheap comic books (mainly manga).

We thought we could get a day pass for our group, but apparently the TTC group passes are only for weekends and holidays. It made us feel sad because it meant that we had to walk between our destinations rather than take public transit. We ended up using two tokens per person for the whole day.

At the end of the day, I got to buy a few books for kids for my cousin and a few comics that I've been meaning to read. I found a Japanese image book of dolls at the Silver Snail and thought that it would be a good gift for a friend that's into those pale dolls with big eyes (they look eerie in my opinion). When I got to Oie Lin's house and checked out the contents of the Japanese book, I found that it was gothic bondage doll book. The damn thing was Japanese and I personally have no experience in reading Japanese! How was I suppose to know it was about bondage?! It was wrapped before I paid for it too. @_@ I'm scared of the book now and I have to keep it because it wouldn't be a good gift at all! I was hoping for a book about doll fashion for all ages, but it was a doll fashion book for sexual-bondage-interested people. XD I guess I brought it on myself. I should have opened (?) the package before buying it (?).

List of books bought at BMV:
Curious George (x2) = $5
Lagoon Engine vol. 6 = $4.51
Eric Carle books (x2) = $11.98
Peter Rabbit (x3) = $11.97

List of book bought at the Labyrinth:
Lagoon Engine vol. 5 = $9.99
Love Com vol. 16 = $9.99

List of books bought at the Silver Snail:
Battle Royale vol. 5 = $3
Japanese doll book = $5
Moyasimon vol. 2 = $3
Trailers = $3
Yeah Kou Phobia = $2
_tax = $2.08


  1. I don't know if you already know about this anime/manga store in Chinatown in the downtown Toronto area. It's called "Anime Extreme", and they stock a lot of anime merchandise (manga, plush toys, cosplay accessories, etc. but mostly manga).

    Their prices are ok (they range from cheap, like $5 per book to $20 per book depending on the series and how popular it is), the manga I know for sure is legit stuff not bootlegged, but I can't say the same for some of the merchandise like keychains and handkerchiefs. The plushies look legit enough too. Just a note in case you are looking for more shops like that. I happen to live in the Markham area too, and God knows there's not enough anime stores around...I usually buy my anime stuff online, but this place is one of my favourites because they do stock a lot of hard-to-find stuff. :)

  2. Thank you for the heads up. I'll check it out the next time I go downtown to buy manga. I google searched their website and it looks like they have a lot of neat items in stock.


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