Friday, June 4, 2010

Saturday at Anime North 2010 (part 3): To the Line!

Krystal, Madeline, and I decided to check on the registration line to see if it was shorter. On our way to the line, we captured more images of cosplayers.

(I was attracted by the design on the back.)

(Yeah! Rare Sailor Moon character cosplayers!)

(Master Roshi!)


(There were many Zelda characters, but these ones take the ice-cream.)

(I knew where she's from. OBJECTION!)

(A blue gun!)

(*pew pew*)

(Free Dr. Pepper.)

(Pok├ęball GO!)

(What's going on?)

The line was still long when we got to the end, so we decided to go walk around the building once more to find more cosplayers to take pictures of.

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