Monday, May 31, 2010

Saturday at Anime North 2010 (part 1): Line Crusading

My story of Saturday, May 29, 2010 at Anime North will be seperated into 5 parts, just because. I will make a conclusion of my time at Anime North 2010 at the end of part 5. This will take 5 posts and 5 days to report. *insert evil laugh here*

Oh yeah, be sure to read the captions under the images (which will be in brackets like this is). You can view the full size of the images by clicking on them. Many of the images had very bad lighting, so I used photoshop to try to make them look more pleasing.

Madeline, Krystal, and I arrived at the back of Toronto Congress Centre around 11 am. There, we saw the long Saturday registration line stretched around the building. We decided not to wait 2 hours in line and proceeded to take pictures of cosplayers lined-up from the back of the line to the side entrance of the building instead. This activity of course, caused the line to move slowly. I noticed it made a few people frustrated too. Oh well. I now call this activity, line crusading!

Our first capture was a Cardcaptor Sakura cosplayer. There were many more Sakura cosplayers, but I didn't have the guts to take their pictures.

(Thank you pointing girl
for pointing at Cardcaptor Sakura in my angle.)

As we were following the line, we spotted a few Waldos, but couldn't tell who was the real Waldo. I captured one Waldo in cellphone-line action! After capturing Waldo, we proceeded to take pictures of people in and out of the line.

("Where's Waldo?")

(Could someone please tell me who this guy is playing as?)

(Characters that I'd probably use
in a RPG cosplay game.)

(Final Fantasy, yeah!)

(An Armless Spongebob! I was not expecting him.)

At one point in our line crusade, my father suggested we go to people's cars as they are preparing their cosplays. Great people and cosplays were captured from this idea, which will now be dubbed as Cosplayer's Car Seeking! We approached one car and got pictures of nice cosplay:

(Wind power.)

(He's baaack! Notice their car is on the right.)

(I give him kudos.)

(I give him kudos too!)

Line crusading was fun. Many people gave dirty looks, others funny or serene. Cosplayer's car seeking makes me nervous though.


  1. Great post! You went to Anime North!? A whole bunch of people I knew went, I wish I could've gone as well.

    This guy is cosplaying as Junpei from Persona 3 btw. ^^

  2. Oh! They had swords in that game?!


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