Friday, June 11, 2010

Saturday at Anime North 2010 (part 5): The End

After walking around the building again, M., K. and I decided to go to the line-up. It was about 2 pm and the line is usually much shorter around that time. While heading to the end of the line, we took a few pictures of cosplayers.

(Rawr! Where's princess Peach?)

(All aboard!!)

(Nice bandana. I want to wear one like that too.)

(Cooking Mama! What kind of meal will we make today?)


(Master Roshi hard at work.)

(FF7 cast?)

(Who's that bum and what's up with the police cars?)

(Sand people!)

(It's Davis and Veemon!
Veemon looks younger than his usual self.)

We finally got to the end of the line and it was still long. At least it wasn't as long as it was in the morning. We ended up standing behind three girls who I will dub as the three princess fairies. It took about an hour to finally get to the table inside. While in the line, I took pictures of the bunny rabbit toy my mother found in the streets and brought home at 12 am one night.

(Princess fairies)

(One of few pictures of bunny.)

My sister and I didn't want to pay for tickets, so we left Madeline to explore the main building herself. We went to Milestones for air conditioning and non-fast food. On our way to the restaurant and out, we took pictures.

(O_O Are they from Gaia?)

(A robot!
We followed it for a minute
and gave up the idea that it would fly away.)

Madeline called and we met up with her to take more pictures of people. We walked around for another hour while looking for friends.

(Kick-Ass and... ?)

(Naruto being sneaky behind a bush!)

(Apple people! I have their cousins in my fridge.)

(Pokémon love this guy so much that they stick to him.)

(Cute girls from Eureka7.)

We headed to our last destination: the DDR room. We stayed there until 5 pm and left the convention afterwards. DDR is so hard to play with a mat.

Conclusion: cosplayers stick out of a crowd even when they're in a crowd of cosplayers.


  1. That Bowser and Pokemon trainer are so awesome! Sounds like you did a lot of walking. o__o Hopefully next year I'll be able to come out for AN! :D

  2. I walked about 4 hours in total. If you end up coming to Anime North next year, be sure to bring sunscreen!


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