Saturday, June 12, 2010


I always end up breaking a sweat when I pull out weeds for half an hour. I didn't think that pulling out plants from the ground would be almost as tiring as cleaning a bath tub and a shower stall! Of course, bath tubs and shower stalls require more back breaking work depending on its size.

My family bought zuchini plants about a month ago. The plants were growing well indoor and were ready to be planted into the garden 2 weeks later. My younger sister and I planted the zuchini plants into a patch of moist soil, but during the process, we sort of broke a part of each plant (the stem broke or the leaves folded). Heavy rain from these past few days haven't helped their growth either it seems. I've sort of given up on the thought that they'd grow but I also feel hopeful that they'd pull through. They looked like super plants when we bought them and they still look like super plants to me.

I guess I've learned something from this first planting: be gentle with plants unless they're dandelions that won't leave the favoured vegetables alone.

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