Saturday, July 3, 2010

Chocolate and Berries

FonduA few friends and I went over to Oie Lin's house to make chocolate fondue with berries on Monday. We had strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries, but we only used what was red. The chocolate was hot! The only trouble we had with dipping berries into chocolate was to avoid getting burned. We had to wait for the chocolate to harden when we were done though: Lin put one plate in the freezer and another in the fridge. We had three plates of chocolate covered berries in total.

!!I remember having to bike to the nearest No Frills to buy Hershey's chocolate and berries early in the afternoon. It was my first time biking to a grocery store! I should do that more often, but I would have trouble with carrying all the groceries home. The weather was warm too. Oh how I dislike the heat.

We watched a movie called 'Zombieland' while waiting for friends to arrive and for the chocolate to harden. Some parts actually scared me (mainly the washroom scenes.) Note to self: don't use public bathrooms during a zombie apocalypse.

After watching the movie, we were bored. We tried watching a few cooking shows and Animal Cops, but not everyone was into them (mainly me.) *heh* That was when my sister texted about how bored she was with her friends. I asked her if she wanted to hang out with mine. She replied yes, and I went to pick her up (by bike.) :D

Shortly after my sister and I arrived at Lin's house, everyone set up to play mahjong. The rest of the crew arrived and we ordered pizza for dinner. When the pizza arrived, we all sat at the dinner table talking about the past and the future. We ate the strawberry fondue soon after and played mahjong until it was night. After cleaning (not enough of) our mess, everyone bid farewell and left for home. Nights in the summer are nice. I don't like mosquitos though: they bite too often.

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