Friday, May 29, 2015

Anime North 2015: Saturday

Heads up: to access all the full-sized photos I took at Anime North 2015, click on the album link at the end of this entry. Warning: blurry shots ahead.

Saturday was picture day. I wore my Lo Po cosplay during the first half of the day and changed back into normal clothes around 1 PM because it was very warm. Since I was in costume, I asked people to help me take pictures. Thank you for the help, everyone.

This lady took a picture with me and I asked for a picture on my camera too. She wasn't too happy about it.

Mascot buddies

Disgaea penguins

I was holding them up from where ever they were headed to.

During the later half of the day, I spent most of my time taking pictures and trying to figure out how to keep myself hydrated and well-nourished. I don't know the character of some of the cosplayers, so feel free to share in the comments.

Livia and her cosplay of Mystique

Carolyn and her cosplay of Princess Mononoke

She bumped into the Forest Spirit

Lady Lor. Not sure what she is cosplaying as, but well made
as always.

Sailor Jupiter from Sailor Moon tying her shoelaces

A group of RWBY cosplayers
and more RWBY below.

League of Legends (???)

Horo from Spice and Wolf

Zero suit Samus and Captain Falcon

Tiger from Tiger and Bunny

A Suicune sorceress from Pokémon (???)

Street Fighter

Some of the cosplay photoshoots were crowded to the point where I didn't want to go near it. There was no way I could get a good shot, especially when most of the photographers were over 1 foot taller than me...

The One Piece photoshoots were 3 times more crowded

I did manage to get shots from the Super Smash Brothers, Yu-Gi-Oh, Digimon, and [a lot of pictures from the] Fire Emblem photoshoots.

When I arrived at the Fire Emblem photoshoot, everyone was everywhere and there was disorder. The photoshoot didn't start until 15 minutes after its scheduled start time. People were leaving, COSPLAYERS were leaving, and I was in need of pictures of the cosplayers for reference. So I was like...

After a bit of yelling and apologizing (because I've never played Fire Emblem before and I know almost nothing about it), the photoshoot started. My voice sort of died 10 minutes later because I've been raising my voice since Friday while wearing my costume. Thankfully, a friend and two other fans were there to take the baton and run the photoshoot. The cosplayers were helpful with what kind of shots they wanted to take too. All was well.

Until they all decided to battle it out.

The best part of the Fire Emblem photoshoot was this scene:

This guy.

In the late afternoon, we were preparing to attend the masquerade. We weren't sure if we needed the wristbands this year because people online said the convention wasn't using wristbands anymore like they usually did in previous years. We asked Anime North staff at the information booths and they gave us mixed messages: they either said yes, no, or they didn't know and to visit the International Plaza or the North building for information on the wristbands. After an hour of running around, we learned that there were no wristbands this year. (No thanks to the information booths, but thanks for directions to the washrooms.)

In the evening, we lined up to watch the masquerade. I fell asleep while waiting in the line for the masquerade with my friends. Before the masquerade doors were opened, I left to grab food and attempted to enter the Jojo panel. It was too late: there was a line to get in the Jojo panel and another line for the line to get in. The room was already at full capacity. The staff that was managing the line was on edge and let me know that I would probably not be able to get in, but I let her know it was okay. (Don't worry, you did a great job.) I walked around, had dinner, took a few pictures, and visited the outdoor rave.

Well made cosplay, but I don't know what they're from.

Well made armor, but not sure where the character is from.

Not sure who this is, but he had a good skin paint job. Maybe could have cut down on the paint around the arm pits.

It's not easy to manage cosplay with fur.

Junaid, you need to help me with the name of your character.

Unicorn kigurumi

Really well put together Amon from Avatar: The Legend of Korra

Around 11 PM, I visited the outdoor rave again but this time with the troopers. We partied with what little energy we had left and had fun. It was cold outside but warm in the rave area because of everyone's body heat. We didn't get back to the hotel until near midnight. Everyone was so tired, we fell right to sleep.

Anime North 2015 Album

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