Wednesday, November 11, 2009


November and December: the month of tedious, time-consuming, activities.

There are so many things to do! Argh!!! I feel like biting off the head of an animal cracker! RAWR!!! I am tied between finishing both small and large assignments for school, having to study for up coming examinations, participating in extra curricular activities, worrisome health issues, a heavy-load of readings and research, and and *breaks*... (._.) I think I may need two robot arms and legs to help with supporting the weight I have to carry each day. The books I carry feels like they're breaking down my spine. I don't want to shrink because of that! I'm already averagely short enough!!! (>TOT)>

... Okay, I'm done complaining. Time for sleep! Maybe I'll see a squirrel tomorrow!

I love sleep.

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