Saturday, November 7, 2009

Shop Spot: Broadcast Entertainment and Fantasia

This store's like a typical Asian gift shop packed with books, Cd's, DVDs, decorated plastic folders, stationery, key chains, plushies, bags, collectible figures, birthday cards, and whatever gift shop-like products you can think of.The best thing about Broadcast is that they always sell popular products. For example, if Hello Kitty is a popular product in the market, they'll have Hello Kitty pencil cases, book, wallets, toys, key chains, and such on sale. Right now they've got products of Domo, Gloomy bear, Anpan man, and several other adorable looking characters in stock.

They have a membership system where you earn points everytime you purchase something. I forgot what happens when you collect a lot of points though... heh.

Broadcast Entertainment and Fantasia actually has a store specialized for Asian CD's, DVDs, and magazines located in Pacific Mall (Markham, Ontario, Canada). They have a second store in Pacific Mall that sells discs and gifts. The second store is one of the oldest stores in the Mall. (-July 2012 edit- The second store was closed this past year, but another branch was reopened in the mall.)

I scanned one of their plastic bags. XD Here's an image of a few things you may find in one of Broadcast's shops:
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  1. hey, do you knoe if they offer exchanges or refunds ?

  2. I don't think they do. I know for sure that refunds are not allowed, but exchanges may be possible depending on which branch it is.

  3. hey do you know if they have super junior's and 2PM's latest albums?

  4. I've seen a few super junior CDs at the one in Pacific Mall, but I don't know if they're the latest ones because I don't follow super junior's releases.

    The one at Pacific Mall's north entrance has a good variety of CDs by Korean, Chinese, and Japanese singers and groups. Ask the workers if they have the specific CD you're looking for if you can't find it on the shelves.

    1. it usually takes them a week or more to get the new releases in

    2. That's a decent time. Thanks!

  5. Do they sell Bleach plush toys?

  6. No, they don't. If you're looking for Bleach push toys in Pacific Mall, check out the stores "Sunny Ltd." and "Uni."


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