Saturday, July 4, 2009

What's going on out there?

I've been away from this blog for a long while. Keeping accounts on hiatus on any network is a habit of mine. I hung out with a few friends on July first. We played painful twister, pool, ate snacks, pizza, and Siena's birthday cake. I call any gathering with cake involved a party, and was it a party. We partied until early night and went out to light sparklers and watch a bit of fireworks at a local school field. Two friends already left by then. The whole field smelled of gunpowder and someone claimed to have seen a bat flying around. We then went back to Ariana's house, trashed the sparklers, cleaned up the basement we were partying in, and headed to Oie-Lin's house. It was getting dark, but it felt good walking with friends in clear air. When we got to her house, some of us watched her feed her Koi fish out in the back where more fireworks are being set in another local school field. We watched the beginning of a horror movie, but before it got to the half-point Lucy and I already left the party.

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