Saturday, July 4, 2009


... can be the what, the why, or the how of a surrounding, a place, or a condition. What does the environment look like? What does it feel like to live in that environment? What are the relations between subjects found in that environment? Why is it how it is? How did it become what it is?

Everything including justice, sustainability, ethics, science, and art ties in with the environment. Everything can be found interacting with one or more types of environments, and share those environments with other things from the same or different environments.

Being environmental means to associate oneself with an environment. It could be any kind of environment. For example, the Internet could be considered as an environment. What an environment is depends on the subject's perspective. At least, that's what I believe.

I still don't completely understand what the study of environment is, but with what I've read in the news, with what I've seen, and what I've experienced, this is all I can say about what I believe environmentalism to be.

Any objections? I'd like to read/hear it.

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