Monday, July 27, 2009

What's going on out there?

I was preparing to rollerblade with my younger sister and her friends, when-- I'm going to add exciting details -- I rolled down the driveway, hit the edge of the driveway, rolled on the grass, rolled off the grass (which was 10 cm high from the streets), and fell on the street. During the time of my fall, I had this brilliant idea that not landing on my knees would mean no broken legs, SO I landed on my ankle instead. (Nice... NOT.) I've been handicapped since Tuesday evening with a swollen whatever the area around the right ankle's called.

Over the past few days, my freakishly pale skin has been pink, red, purple, blue, and now-- get this -- it's black. Of course, there was pain to go with the colours. I'm just glad I can ditch the $40 crutches I had to buy and use for the first 3 days after the fall. Yes. I can walk again, but the form of walk is different and is painful. Along with the pain, there's this feeling that something's bouncing in my foot as I walk.

Me thinks something broke in my right foot and ankle area.

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