Thursday, May 13, 2010

How to Spot a Magical Boy/Girl

Magical Boys and Girls in their transformed appearance often have:

1. A cute outfit that makes them look either cool or cute. A mini skirt is a common article of clothing in a magical girl's outfit and a pair of shorts in a magical boy's outfit.

2. Sparkles on or around the being. There are rare cases where they have no sparkles and have an aura around them instead.

3. Colorful and/or cute hair. Their hairstyle are often abnormal (example: very long ponytails) and may involve hair accessories.

4. Some magical beings carry weapons around with them. Weapons include swords, staffs, and oddly shaped accessories in various sizes.


  1. I may have spotted a magical girl in my neighbourhood. And indeed, she had some sort of aura around her. She was quite captivating.

  2. !!! AH! Where is this?! I plan to make a map of magical people sightings and this sounds like valuable info!


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