Saturday, May 29, 2010

Good Bye May

I've been busy with trying to find and make a life for myself this whole month of May. Although it hasn't actually ended yet, let's see what I've (not) accomplished this month:

1. Finished summer courses, but failed to achieve a grade over 5.0.
2. Gardening? Nope, dad did everything. I'm such a bum.
3. Catching up with friends (was fun but is the reason why I'm broke and partially why I didn't achieve the grade I wanted)
4. Save money? ARGH!
5. Get bicycle fixed: yes. I thank you daddy for being such a great guy!

So yeah. GPA... I'll focus more brain power on it. I'm also thinking about abandoning my cellphone for the next 2 years so that no one will ever bother me with my happy study time. I don't want to though, because my cellphone is also my MP3 player. Music will have to be a sacrifice I'll have to make! I'll sing instead.

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