Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Time to Hit the Other Books

My stomach hasn't been feeling well lately. It's constantly making new noises: enough noises to make a new single with. Maybe it's the awful fast food I'm eating everyday. I don't have much of a choice of avoiding the fast food joints on my school's campus though. It could be the tap water I'm always boiling and drinking.

Since I got used to the basic functions of blogspot and like it very much, I made another one. It's on the sidebar under 'Networks'. The blog is called Pleasacure. Pleasacure is the username I use for Deviant Art and You Tube, and will now be used for an online fanzine; also known as an e-fanzine. I don't know if those things exist, but if they didn't they do now.

I've finished the two assignments, but I wouldn't say I did my best to make them good. I did my best to make them pass: they're no good. I'll have to refine them after exams. After studying for my exams I'll post something on Tegaki E to celebrate.

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