Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Squirrels could take over the World 1

At my residence room in school, there's a hole in the window's screen--or mesh as many people call it. I call it "the squirrel hole." There are two windows in the room I share with my roommate. According to my roommate, a squirrel climbed the bricks of the building, nibbled through our fourth-floor window's screen, and entered our room. She woke up screaming when she saw it on her desk, and her scream was enough to make the squirrel run back out of the squirrel hole. Wish I was there to see the squirrel.

The squirrels on our campus only eat through garbage cans. They are often seen popping their heads out of the garbage cans. Does that mean that the squirrel mistook our room as a garbage dump... ? I wouldn't be surprised that the smell coming out of the room is attracting animals from outside. It's the fact that the animals would actually dare to climb to the fourth floor to get the food that surprises me. There's no way to get to the fourth floor from outside other than entering through the main or side doors or climbing the brick walls.

So I've come to a conclusion: squirrels could take over the world if they wanted to. They're smart and I'm pretty sure they could severely hurt someone when they're in a group even though they can't be found all over the world.

My father says otherwise. "Squirrels will become extinct soon. Maybe in ten years."

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