Monday, February 16, 2009

Blurs of the Tired Eyes

I've met people who only got about 2 hours of sleep daily. They didn't get much sleep because they always had to work for money and for marks in school. I still cannot believe that numbers on papers are what makes my life go on. In the end of the school life, you get a sheet of paper with words on it. Well, bonus if you learned a lot and experienced enough to make something out of your later years.

I'm working for my third sheet of paper with words on it. I'll be sleeping a lot less for it, but hopefully I'll get more than 6 hours of sleep everyday.

I'm hoping to grow my own food and get an average paying job after I get the sheet of paper. I know I could live like the way I want to now: living in the same house as my family, growing vegetables and fruits, and working a full-time job at a local service centre. I don't know why I'm not living the way I want to. Oh well. Staying in school is cool, right?

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