Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's Snowing!

Yes! It was snowing yesterday and is snowing today! The air smells so great when it's snowing.

I've been thinking about how my applications to visual arts colleges and university were declined. I was shocked when they didn't accept me, because I've always been told that visual arts and annoying people were the only things I was good at. It made me think about how easy it is to create an artwork and how anyone could become a great artist if they work at it while knowing what the popular trends are. I was depressed for awhile, but I'm satisfied with the subject I'm studying at the moment: environmental studies.

Environmental studies wasn't what I expected. I thought it would be something along the lines of "save the trees, protect the environment, oh my god I can't believe you didn't recycle that" and shit. It was more than that. It's about politics, human rights, critical thinking, physical science, geography, and more. It's like every subject I've ever studied from pre-school to high school to the things I did during my free time. I mean, you could even link porn, comics, and graffiti to it if you tried. The hours long lectures are always something I look forward to, but the exams, classes, and assignments make me feel on the edge. It's always about grades.

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