Monday, February 16, 2009

Rush Hours

I've got 4 assignments to finish by tomorrow and the day after. So far I've got two out of four of them finished. One of the ones I need to finish is due tomorrow at ten in the morning. I'm wondering if I could finish the one due tomorrow by midnight tonight. I hope I'll have enough time this week to review for the 2 exams on Friday.

I'm looking forward to the next weekend. I've got another two exams to study for, but at least it's definite that I get to shower and sleep more.

When I can find the time, I'll be working on a skirt for cosplay. I don't know why I'm into comics and cosplaying so much. Everyday I spend about an hour reading online comics and searching for pictures of people dressed in costumes online.

On another note, the last of my fish have died today. I bought 2 guppies last Saturday at the pet store on the second floor of Market Village. One of them died a few hours after I brought it home. I went back the next day to buy another two and got one for half the price after I told them what happened to the one that died. I left for school Sunday night and came back on Friday night to find that one of the 3 fish died hours after my arrival. The two remaining fish died today. I guess that's what I get for buying $1.99 fish.

Once I'm finished with these assignments, I am going to do a quick entry to Tegaki E. Watch: I'm going to end up spending over an hour on it again.

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