Sunday, May 12, 2013

Toronto Comics Arts Festival 2013

I went to visit TCAF at the Toronto Reference Library with a few friends on Saturday. There were many great comics and artworks to pick up, but not enough funds. T_T

It seemed more crowded this year than last year (a common theme among every new year). The line up to get into the second floor exhibitor room was mighty longer than last year's line. I am thankful for the line, because otherwise I don't think people would be able to move around as easily inside the room. I almost bumped into kids here and there. The atrium was a little more crowded (and a lot more warm) but the whole event was totally worth visiting.

There were a few cosplayers there. I guess they like to cosplay very much (even with the perceived unspoken rule of no cosplay at this event). Just... no big props, please. The library doesn't have enough room already what with more than 1000 people on the first 2 floors (I don't even want to get into the basement and third floor).

It was hard to get pictures of the place without people getting into the frame or getting into other people's way while trying to take pictures. I only took one.

Looking forward to next year again.

P.S. Sorry we couldn't spend more time together Lorena, Megan, Stephanie, and Geoff.

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