Saturday, May 25, 2013

Anime North 2013: Day 1

Hello hello.

Friday at Anime North was chilly, but somehow, I still got a tan. The weather was beautiful!

This year, I asked people if they could/may do the yotsuba&! poses:

I brought along a print out of the image and showed people the poses. Here are the results:
(my apologies for the bad or awkward camera angles)

While walking around, I noticed some giant blue bins placed around the Toronto Congress Centre. Glad to see that they upgraded the waste management by two to four bins. Anime North needs more than that though: its waste management needs more bins in more places and with the different types of bins. My hopes of Anime North conventioneers placing their waste in the proper bin is extremely low, but I'd give them a chance to learn.

There was a Captain Jack Sparrow cosplayer chatting with an Assassins Creed cosplayer. It looked like they were having fun roleplaying.

I recognize one, but not the other. (Feel free to identify the cosplay.) A female Deadpool jumped behind the other cosplayer while people were taking pictures of her.

Him was claimed a corner and kept it for a good while. Haven't seen Him cosplay before.

On my way home, I saw this ad on the subway platform:

I wonder what my trip to and at Anime North tomorrow has in stall for me. I know what I have in stall for Anime North. Hint: it's a 2 player board game and you better guess right.

To access the photo album for larger versions of the photos in this post, click on the following:
Anime North 2013

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